Our highly-skilled engineers will review the requirements and our proposal will include both commercial summary and technical specifications.


Seal Control’s product ranges from Instrumentation, Sampling/Analysis, Mechanical/Piping, Fire/ Safety Protection. We supply only the best quality, timely and competitive pricing!

MRO & Servicing

We provide a complete and reliable services for field online analytical equipment and instrumentation equipment in process plants and in manufacturing facilities.

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Hot Pipe Supports

FOAMGLASS Pipe Supports

Hot Pipe Supports

PyroWrap Pipe Supports

Cold Pipe Supports


Cold Pipe Supports

Polyurethane Supports

Cold Pipe Supports

Isolation Blocks

Cold Pipe Supports

FOAMGLASS Pipe Supports

Cold Pipe Supports

CryoWrap Pipe Supports

Serving Quality and Affordable Industrial  Solutions

Founded in 1986, we are a Singapore-based industrial solutions expert that specializes in providing high quality industry-grade equipment and services to major Oil and Gas companies in Asia.


We supply instrumentation parts and equipment from global manufacturers and offer product maintenance and servicing by highly-trained industry experts.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We are certified for the scope of activities of design and supply of industrial equipment and instruments for offshore oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical, biofuel and pharmaceutical, power generation and water treatment plants.

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