Cold Pipe Supports

CryoWrap Pipe Supports

Rilco CryoWrap pipe supports are applicable for cryogenic environments with temperatures hovering just above absolute zero. The Cryogel® Z insulation material is used widely in the oil and gas processing industry, particularly with pipes containing fluids such as liquid natural gas, liquified petroleum gas, and ethylene. This insulation has the lowest k-value of any cryogenic insulation alternatives.


CryoWrap Supports are roughly half the size of traditional cold insulations such as Polyurethane, making them lighter, and therefore, less costly to install. The size reduction is largely due to the efficiency of the Cryogel® Z insulation and the cutting edge design of the support structure.

Insulation Thickness Range: 0.2in – 7in (5mm – 180mm)

Pipe Size Range: 0.5 in — 42 in

Support Function

The CryoWrap pre-insulated supports are designed as either a resting, guided, hanger, anchor, or high lateral travel resting support.