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Rate Indicator

HIT‐4U” Rate Indicator with Dual Totalizers, Modbus and Data Logging

Featuring a 6‐digit rate display and separate 8‐digit resettable and non‐resettable flow totalizers; the HIT‐4U is configurable for 4‐20mA loop powered or battery powered service.
Rate Indicator

HIT 4G Digital Gas Flow Computer With Modbus & Data Logging

The HIT-4G is a compact digital gas flow computer with temperature, pressure and compressibility compensation. The HIT-4G is configurable from the instrument front panel keypad or via Modbus communications.
Rate Indicator

HRT1-Rate Indicator/Totalizer with HART® Communication Protocol

Provides rate and total flow indication. Use with Hoffer HO Series for Liquid flow meters for Precision flow measurement of industrial liquid applications within the process industries.
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