Rate Indicator

HRT1-Rate Indicator/Totalizer with HART® Communication Protocol

Provides rate and total flow indication. Use with Hoffer HO Series for Liquid flow meters for Precision flow measurement of industrial liquid applications within the process industries.



  • HART® Field Communication Protocol.
  • 5 Digit Rate, 8 Digit Totalizer LCD display with configurable decimal point location.
  • 8 Digit, Non-resettable Grand Total display.
  • Pulse Input supports turbine as well as many other pulse generating flowmeters.
  • 4-20mA analog output.
  • Up to 20 Point Linearization.
  • Optional scaled pulse output representing an increment of volume for each pulse.
  • Two Optional Alarm Outputs configurable for Rate or Total.
  • Magnetically operated reed switch for Total reset.
  • Internal battery backup.
  • Configuration and Grand Total stored in non-volatile memory; Grand Total saved once per minute.
  • Various enclosure options available including Certified Systems for Explosion-proof enclosure options