Hot Pipe Supports

PyroWrap Pipe Supports

Rilco PyroWrap Pipe Support systems are applicable for environments up to 1200 degrees F. The Pyrogel® XT-E Insulation material is used widely in refineries, petrochemical, and gas processing industries. It is up to 5 times better in regard to thermal performance than alternative insulation materials.


PyroWrap supports are 50-75% thinner than systems using traditional hot insulations such as Calcium Silicate, making them lighter, and therefore, less costly to install.  The size reduction is largely due to the efficiency of the Pyrogel® XT-E insulation and the cutting edge design of the support structure.

Insulation Thickness Range: 0.2 in — 7 in (5mm - 180 mm)

Pipe Size Range: 0.5 in - 42 in

he PyroWrap pipe supports systems are manufactured to match the diameters of the Aspen Aerogels® Pyrogel® XT-E insulation thickness allowing for seamless transitions from the support structure to the line insulation and for the piping to be nested closer together throughout the system's design. The Pyrogel® XT-E insulation is hydrophobic; however, it still allows water vapor to escape through the insulation, significantly reducing the onset of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) at the pipe support locations.

Support Functions

The PyroWrap pre-insulated pipe supports are designed as either a resting, guided, or anchor support.