Valve Mechanical Interlocks

Door Closure Lock

The PSS door closure Lock is custom designed to interlock the closure door of a pigging vessel. The door closure Lock prevents the bleed bolt from being removed and there by the closure door from being opened. Only the insertion of a dedicated key allows access to the bleed bolt and permits its removal. This key can be only released after the door is closed and the bleed bolt is back in position. The door closure Lock is suitable for every type and size of closure door.


Features of Door Closure Lock

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel (SS 316).
  •  Robust, reliable and simple design with minimum parts.
  •  Easy and hassle free operation.
  •  Maintenance free.
  •  Can be fitted to existing Closure Doors without shutting down the plant.
  •  Custom made mounting design.
  •  Ergonomic key position.
  •  Trapped Linear key Concept.
  •  Uniquely coded keys for safety of system.
  •  Key codes are recorded, for easy replacement and to avoid use of duplicate keys
  •  Spare keys and Master keys are available on the request of customer.