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Tube Fins

SHE provides a wide range of finned pipe and tubes using ferrous and non-ferrous base tube with fins available in steel, aluminum or copper.


  • An integral part of SHE, Tube Fins applies ribbon and wire fins to a whole variety of tubes to support and enhance the state of the art solutions offered by Specialist Heat Exchangers.
  • A range of finning unique to HDT, from 7mm high aluminium fin on 10 mm tube to 22.2 mm high fin on 25.4 mm tube, Tube Fins and SHE offer a range of surfaces not offered elsewhere.
  • Copper, aluminium and carbon steel fins  offer options for almost any environment, with all orders made bespoke to optimise product performance using the best materials available.
  • Finned tubes are available with integral solder bonded inserts fitted prior to external finning to your desired specification.
  • Fin types available: L, LL, KL, G, Integral, Wire Wound.