Pressure Protection

Rupture Discs & Bursting Discs

The Elmac Technologies series of Busting Discs (or Rupture Discs) are used to protect plant, pipework, and vessels from high levels of overpressure and vacuum.


Features & Benefits
  • Non-fragmenting – protects process equipment from damage on activation
  • Fast acting – reacts in thousandths of a second for optimum protection
  • Micro-scored construction – ensures reliable operation at precise set pressure
  • Optimised design – ensures protection against accidental activation
  • Cost effective – sealed unit holders simplify installation and maintenance
  • Extensive range – available for all conditions including Sanitary, Hygienic and Cryogenic
  • Bespoke designs – multiple venting options in Forward , Reverse or Two-way acting format
  • Flexibility – wide range of materials, sizes, and set pressures for all operating conditions
  • Superior quality – designed and tested in Europe to ASME (US Engineering) standards