Pressure Protection

Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves

The Elmac Technologies range of direct acting Vacuum Relief Valves are low pressure devices specifically designed to protect tanks, process systems and equipment from excessive pressure and vacuum.


Features & Benefits
  • Compact size – lightweight, easy to handle and install
  • Optimised design – high performance and flow capacity
  • Superior air-cushioned sealing – no measurable leakage below 90% of set pressures and <1SCFH at 90% of set pressure
  • Low leakage – meets requirements of API Std 2000 and EN ISO 23800
  • Cost effective – minimum product loss and maintenance
  • Superior quality – designed and tested in the UK
  • Versatile – wide range of design/venting options and pressure/vacuum settings
  • Flexibility – wide range of materials, sizes, alternative connection types and proximity switches available
  • Excellent service – pre and post-sales technical support