Pressure Protection

FAB Valve™ Series

The Elmac Technologies patented Flame Arrester Breather (FAB Valve™ Series) integrates a RE-Flow Flame Arrester with a Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valve.


Features & Benefits
  • Exceptional flow capacity from a compact valve size
  • Reduces explosion risk and environmental pollution
  • Low leakage rates minimise evaporation losses
  • Economic savings due to reduced product losses
  • Self-draining element prevents rain, dirt or other foreign matter entering the piping system
  • Easy visual in-situ inspection of the element
  • E-Flow™ element provides optimum flow performance and minimal pressure drop
  • Quick and easy to install and maintain with replaceable element
  • Minimum clogging of the element with minimal maintenance
  • Incorporates the patented RE-Flow™ technology
  • Optimised pallet design and sealing reduces chattering
  • Unique valve design provides complete weather protection
  • Protects against atmospheric deflagration